Safety Center

Mutual Respect

Bullying or discrimination on the basis of social background, gender, ethnic group, race or sexual orientation is strictly forbidden on WHO app. Please avoid talking about controversial issues, such as political or religious beliefs. If another user behaves in an offensive manner towards you, make a report immediately.

Rude and threatening behavior

Confrontational, aggressive and indecent behavior is forbidden and will not be tolerated. Making threats of physical harm will result in your account being deactivated, and the relevant local authorities may be contacted.

Careful what you share

Never share sexually explicit photos, images of violent acts, graphic or gory images or images promoting drug use. Don't share your personal financial information strangers online. Sharing any personal details may put you at unnecessary risk.

Be yourself

Be yourself! That's the most important part of using WHO app. Only use photos of yourself as your profile picture, never lie about your age or try impersonating someone else. WHO app works best when everyone is comfortable, honest and open – it makes your interactions more meaningful.

Obey the law

Unlawful behavior will not be tolerated on the WHO app. Encouraging violence, hate speech and organized crime is strictly forbidden and may be reported to local law enforcement. Sharing sexually explicit content of minors will be directly reported to local law enforcement.

Protect the community

Please report immediately any behavior that violates the community guidelines. Not doing so may pose a safety risk for yourself or other community members.

What if you violate community guidelines?

If you are reported or breach our Community Guidelines, you will receive a warning. However, illegal behavior or behavior showing a clear lack of consideration will result in an instant ban. The guidelines outlined here aim to make the WHO app community a friendly, safe and inclusive space.