Safety Center


1. Click 'make a report'
2. Enter your username and country
3. In as much detail as possible, write your concern or about the incident

We prioritize reports regarding any type of physical risk, but we are responsive to all reports within 20 business days.

In-App Reporting

Reporting through our app is fast and easy. To report someone, simply click on the shield symbol when matching or after a user is on your friends list. You'll then see a list of reasons for making the report.

Do you need advice about using the WHO app?

Contact our team of experts if you need help on using the app or advice on the best way to use the WHO app. They will be happy to provide all the support you need. Social media can sometimes be difficult to handle but we're here to help!

Concerned about another user's behavior?

If you're not happy with something that happened to you or someone close to you on the WHO app, then please do let us know about it. Our Community Guidelines encompass issues such as nudity, bullying and fake profiles. We take action against users who fail to follow these guidelines.

Are you or someone else you know in physical danger?

If something occurred that has put a WHO app user in immediate danger - such as threats of violence or suicide - immediately report it to us and contact the police. We take emergency reports seriously and collaborate with the police and/or other local authorities in taking action.